Very easy and simple process click the “Search Properties”  button link which populates the client registration form. Please fill that form and provide us much information as possible which helps us to help you in finding the best available option. After submitting the form it will give you access to all Apartments in Dallas, Austin, San Antonio & Houston. You can search by the zip codes, region, price and amenities which you want to have in your new place.Narrow down your search and send us your favorite properties. After receiving this information our agents will contact you ASAP and schedule an appointment to tour those properties. Isn't Dash Realty making it simple and easy for you?


After finding an Apartment what happen next:

Step 1

All Texas Apartment complexes need a written application to check your credit, criminal, rental and employment history. Please read the community policy for approval criteria. See where you stand if there is any issue which could make a hurdle to get approval. Please talk to our agent in private. Generally, there is a non-refundable fee, and this must be paid up front. The application also requires references and contact information for previous landlords.

Step 2

Make sure to read lease paper as soon as possible. Ask for a copy so you have time to read. Once you get approved property manager will require you to you sign a lease agreement, which includes legally binding clauses.

Step 3

Determine the terms of the lease by looking for clauses that address the length of the lease, conditions that must be met such as on-time rent payments, pet ownership, repair policies and damages. Don't forget to read carefully those fine prints. Ask the manager if there is any confusion. If you think the lease is not fair to you as a tenant, have a real estate lawyer look over the lease paper.

Final Step

Sign the lease. Pay the deposit and rent. Get keys and a copy of signed leased. Ask leasing agent how to access to swimming pool, fitness center, and other amenities.

How It Works

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